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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, September 12, 2016
It is obvious that a single type of ad doesn’t fit all the sites. There may be a situation where from an ad network A, someone is earning thousands of dollars but you may struggle to earn few bucks.
This is just not because of the traffic but also the ad type you are using on the site. For example, you have software downloading site and you are using text ad. Definitely, you won’t be able to earn much as the visitors are more intended to download the software and not to read the text.

The similar situation is with every website and you should choose the ad network and ad type wisely.

Recently I have come across an ad network Adnety which is among the top pop under advertising network serving worldwide. This article is all about Adnety Review and Adnety Features.

Adnety Review- Introduction

Adnety is a premium ad network serving pop-under ad all across the globe. It delivers daily millions of pop-under ads across the web using a powerful ad serving platform.

It is helping publishers to monetize 100% of their served traffic and a money making a partner for advertisers which run advertising campaigns on Adnety platform.

Adnety for Publishers

As stated, bloggers and webmasters can monetize all their traffic with Adnety ads. They provide quick payment great revenue share.

Below are some of the features for publishers by Adnety network-

• Simple and efficient: the catchy design with the quick menu helps the user to browse the dashboard in a short period of time.
• Real-time reports: the statistics are in real time so the publisher can monitor the hits and earnings in any moment
• Easy to use: 1 minute to add a website and generate the pop-under code for it
• Payments on request processed through PayPal
• Minimum Payout: $20 , NET 7 (payment sent in 7 days after requests)
• Up to 90% revenue share rate for quality served traffic
• Advertising model: full page pop under ads

From the Adnety publisher dashboard, you can track all your running campaigns, ads, and revenues. Payments can also be configured from here-

Requirements to Join Adnety as publisher

Below are some of the basic requirements to join Adnety as a publisher. Although there are no specific requirements but still you should not cheat the network and customers else your account may get banned.

• There are no specific traffic requirements for sites to join this ad network.
• This network accepts sites from every part of the world.
• The sites must follow best practices of web design.
• The sites must have hosted on self-hosted platforms.

Referral Program

If you are referring someone and that person is joining the network then you will receive 10% of the amount that will be earned by your referred publisher. This can be great earning if you will manage to have some good referrals.

Adnety for Advertisers

If you an advertiser and want to promote your product and services through Pop-up ads then Adnety is for you.

You would be able to reach to millions of potential users at very less rate compared to another advertising network. You can start your ad campaigns as low as $50 and can pay through many means including PayPal.

Here are some of the features of Adnety for Advertisers-

• They only with genuine publishers who served real impressions on the advertisers’ campaigns.
• Real-time statistics: there are no delays in campaigns reports
• Self-serve pop under network: control over campaigns status, bids, categories, frequency cap, etc.
• The impressions are filtered with our anti-bot system and the bad sources are cut off before they reach the client landing page (URL)
• Campaign targeting by operating system(desktop or mobile pop under ads – Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS, Other Mobile), country, category
• Tracking tokens (parameters) to identify the converting websites, source category, country origin, IP, used the browser and operating system
• Personal account manager (Skype or email support)

Advertisers will have full control over the campaigns and can track in real time through the advertiser dashboard.

You would be able to manage Daily budget, Category Target, Device target(desktop and mobile), Browser target, Raw Traffic(IP Cap), Pause/Resume campaign, Disallow websites which send traffic to a particular campaign.

Features of Adnety

• Easy installation: Generally it takes 2 minutes to get started.
• This ad network guarantees 100% fill rate.
• Real-time reporting system
• The quality publishers can get up to 90% revenue share.
• This ad network pays its publishers on time.
• The publishers can divert earnings to their advertiser account.
• Referral program

Wrapping it up!

If you are looking to monetize your website through pop-under ads then Adnety can be one of the best choices. The payout is good and payment will be done on a timely basis.

Also, advertisers can reach to the target customers through full page pop-up ads at very affordable prices.

Signing up for the account is much easier and won’t take more than a couple of moments for you.

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