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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, June 11, 2015

If you are feed up with the traditional Adverting system which are brands but are not paying much to the publisher then today I have a solution for you. I had one tech blog and despite of having good traffic I was not getting much from AdSense. You can say AdSense was not clicking on that blog and I was searching for some other publisher channel which can may me more and finally found Adcito Media.

Adcito-Adsense alternative

Adcito Media is one of the highest paying CPMs in the industry and is committed to provide high value for the traffic to the publishers. I have even received $1 EPCM sometimes which is quite good. So if you are looking for best alternative of AdSense then Adcito can be one of the best solutions.

What is Adcito Media?

Adcito is an online advertising partner that helps publishers grow their revenues and website value. They accomplish this by providing a wide range of advertising solutions and tools backed by our drive to help publishers exceed their goals.

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So I can say if you’re looking for something outside of AdSense and Infolinks then Adcito is for you. You must try this. The best thing that I found with Adcito in these days is the payout. They have the minimum threshold of just $25 which can even be achieved in a day or week depending on the traffic.

Adcito Features

Adcito is not a traditional advertising partner like AdSense and so is working a lot to make it more beneficial and easy for the publisher. They work with small publishers and some of the biggest sites on the web.

The best thing about Adcito is, they will assign you an account manager which is unique in such cases. Usually account managers are assigned in CPA affiliate network but Adcito provides a dedicated account manager to each publisher who takes care of all their queries and suggest earning maximum from it.

Below are some of the main features of Adcito.

Features of Adcito

Flexible Advertising Solution

Adcito is a dedicated platform for the publishers and provides wide ranges of advertising options to the publishers. These include CPM, CPC and CPA options as well as display, text, video and mobile technologies.

Also, to track the performance you’ll have access to detailed analytics and so you can analyze which ad is working great for you or not.

Payment and Revenue

This is the best part apart from the dedicated account manager that I like with Adcito. The payment threshold is just $25. Adcito is dedicated to providing publishers with quick and automatic payments every 45 days. They offer check, PayPal and bank transfer as payment options.

I asked them to share the details about how much money a publisher can generate with Adcito and how much impression they need to earn something around $500 a month and they were very kind to provide me the below details. As you can easily see, EPCM varies depending on the niche and traffic but still is far better than other advertising partners.

Adcito Revenue

Adcito average EPCM is $0.71 which is considered as great in publishers.


Adcito provides you with a personal account representative to answer your questions and offer feedback on your performance. They are dedicated to offering publishers the level of service that automated systems and outsourced customer service cannot achieve.

Also, for other people, they do have great support system through which you can get your doubts/issues resolved.

Publishers Resources

To help publishers in much better way and to help them earn more, Adcito provides many resources to the publishers. These resources contain knowledge base where you can find good and quality documents which can help you to know how you can earn better.

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They do conduct webinars for their publishers where the giants from the industry will make you understand the new technologies and also will help you to earn better.

Their How-to-videos section is awesome where you can find some great videos. You can learn yourself to know the advertising solution better.

Over to you

Adcito is a great growing publisher platform for the publishers where you can earn more. Also, you can consider Adcito as one of the best alternative to AdSense. The resources and payout of Adcito is very much impressive and I am sure you will like it.

Which advertising media you use as a publisher? Have you ever tried apart from AdSense and Infolinks? If yes, do share you experience with us.

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