ADZbuzz Ublock Adblocker- A Solution to Adblock for Publishers

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Are you one of those who uses ad blockers? If yes, you are not alone. For those who don’t know about ad blockers, they are scripts installed on browsers to prevent ads from displaying on a blog or website.

ADZbuzz Ublock Adblocker
Visitors can get discouraged from using a site that is laced with lots of ads and can get discouraged from pop-ups which tend to be disruptive to how they consume content on the site. Since bloggers and publishers need to make money and at least pay for the cost of hosting and running the website, adblockers are a problem to them.

The use of adblockers has become mainstreamed for visitors and publishers have been adopting various methods to solve the problem. The primary methods that publishers have used so far include:

The use of anti-adblock scripts on their blogs or websites to prevent the installation and running of adblock extensions. This solution has not solved the problem of adblockers for publishers because daily we get to see the development of superior scripts that trump the anti-adblock scripts used by the publishers.

The blocking of adblock users from accessing sites altogether. Blocking users who have installed adblocker has not been effective as well. What it has succeeded in doing is discouraged users from visiting the blogs or sites and leading to loss of leads and revenue to the publishers.

The use of paid content or paywalls in place of advertisement. This method has not solved the AdBlock issue because people have options of accessing free content elsewhere. Why should they pay to consume content when they can access same elsewhere?

These solutions have not solved the loss of revenue problem for publishers, but thankfully there is now a system that works. This is the ADZbuzz solution which allows the installation and use of the ADZbuzz Ublock extension.

The solution to adblock and revenue loss for publishers is ADZbuzz Ublock

ADZbuzz Ublock is the solution to revenue loss for publishers who have been affected by Adblockers usage.

The following are reasons and benefits you will love this solution:

• ADZbuzz Ublock is a free browser extension that users can install to prevent the accessing of ads on a web page. Once this extension is installed in a browser like, let’s say, Chrome, no adverts will appear on the site. This will help the user enjoy a smooth browsing experience.

• ADZbuzz Ublock provides a centralized advertising platform where revenue is generated to pay the publishers. This platform centralizes the generation of revenue from the selling of advertisement. In this wise, people can go to this platform and make a purchase whenever they are actively looking for a product.

• This way the publishers also get paid, unlike the current system with other ad blockers where the publishers lose out when ads are blocked.

• Everyone benefits from ADZbuzz Ublock - the user, the publisher, and the advertiser. It is the first adblock solution that pays publishers. Their efforts and sacrifice publishing content are rewarded.

Since ADZbuzz Ublock blocks ads from websites so that users can enjoy a smooth content consumption experience, publishers are rewarded with payments instead of ads not published on their platforms.

Advertisers also will have their credibility intact as they can now advertise where their products are needed.
ADZbuzz Ublock Adblocker
You should embrace this ultimate solution to curbing the adblock problem. ADZbuzz Ublock from is the way forward for users and publishers! Other reviews about Adzbuzz Ublock agree as well.

If you are blogger or web publisher, then you can certainly increase your revenue base by getting paid through this adblocker as it is the first to pay publishers directly.

Click here to download Adzbuzz uBlock for free today and learn more about how it works.

Remember that whether you are a blogger or normal user, you can get a lot of benefits from this.

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