How to create free professional logo Online with LogoType Maker

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, July 14, 2016
Creating a logo is always a challenge. Your brand should be friendly, approachable and communicate for itself to make people remember and have a good impression.
The easiest way to design a perfect visual identity that will represent your company is to use an online tool that will save lots of effort and time. The success of your business begins with a professional and unique logo.

How to create a free professional logo by yourself

The easiest way to create a logo is to use - an online tool for creating logos even if you don’t have any designer skills. It is very simple so let's get started!

I will show you the whole process step by step.

Step 1. Write your company name in the text box and hit Enter.

Step 2. LogotypeMaker generates a bunch of logos randomly so all you have to do is pick the one you like from the list below.

The nice thing about LogotypeMaker is that they have free and customizable logos. I’ve highlighted the list of free logos on the left side with green color - the remaining 3 columns are for customizable ones. Click the Select button to personalize your logo.

Step 3. In this section, we'll be editing our Logo Shape using the Personalize Logo button.

Step 4. Go to Select a shape here. Next, from the drop down menu select the shape you want to change. The other way to select a shape is just clicked directly on the logo.

Step 5. Use Shape Color to change the fill colors or add a gradient if that's your preference. Also, there is a Random button to experiment with the color palette and every time you click on it, the gradient changes automatically.

Step 6. I've chosen dark blue gradient for the stars around the rocket: from #212170 to #55a3dd.

Step 7. Let's add some clipart. Click on Add Clipart button.

Step 8. This is a simple and easy step. What you need to do is write in the text box “star”, then select the clipart you like. Experiment, come up with different variations and find what’s best for you.

Step 9. Next, you can repeat Step 6 to change the color of the clipart. Then use the controls to rotate, move and resize your star.

Step 10. If you want your logo to have a high resolution (for printing), you can click the Settings tab and increase the width and height. You can also make the background transparent, filled with one solid color, radial or linear gradient.

My opinion is that an online editor is probably the handiest and convenient thing when creating a logo. You don’t have to search for a designer to do the job and worry about the result. Buying a customizable logo, you will also get:
• Unlimited Modifications
• 300 dpi files for Printing
• Multiple logos sizes

I hope this article made your logo design process a little easier, and you’ll save a whole lot of time. Why not try it for yourself? 

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