All You Need to Know for Using Rowing Machines

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, March 13, 2016
Chalking out a fitness program is not at all an easy task. Plus if you are doing the rowing machine workout then you need absolute focus and discipline while doing it so as not to hurt yourself.

Pros and Cons of using the Rowing Machines

Go Row - Under ordinary circumstances, a row ergometer is a really efficient and low-impact calorie-burning exercise. In-console games are an attraction these days. These let you race against other rowers and sometimes you can go against your own recorded pace. This combines fun with exercise. A rower's low-impact workout actually translates into no pressure on the joints. The roar of a row ergometer's fan at high resistance is fairly loud and can be a matter of concern.

Why not - With all the good things said, a person that can't use both arms and legs, along with the core, will need special adaptation to get the hang of a rowing machine. There is also a lot of complicated technique to proper rowing than simply scooting back and forth while yanking at the handle. A person who is not willing to put the energy and time into sincerely learning as well as practicing it will probably be better off with different workout equipment.

All you need to know about Rowing machines

Most people believe that handling a rowing machine is very easy. But it is not. The techniques involved may be quite tricky. Your fitness goals will actually decide how committed you will be to the machine. People make a lot of mistakes while handling the machine and they are enlisted below:

1. Forgetting to check the damper setting – This needs adjustment. It can be done with the help of the lever attached to it on the side. The lever is generally set on high but it should be adjusted according to comfort.

2. Rowing with only arms –In the first time, too much pressure must not be put into the hands, back and shoulders. This can be very harmful. And in the beginning things should be taken slow to find the perfect speed and zone for workout.

3. Mixing up the order of the actions in the workout - Remembering all of it in detail and in sequence can be a challenging. But all of that is worth it.

4. Excessive use of the rowing machine can damage muscles.

5. Hunching the back during a stroke – Rounding the back is a bad habit that may cost dearly. The posture while sitting on the rowing machine must be tall and stacked. The core should be engaged, the abdominal muscles must be turned on.

6. Don’t band the bottom on the heels – Your seat may slam into the front of the person who is rowing and the body jerks forward with no control. To fix this, closely be in sync with the timing of the stroke. Don’t rush it.

7. Shooting the bottom out and jerking the upper body back – In case the legs are pushing too quickly and causing the bottom to shoot out before than the remainder of the body then it causes discomfort to the upper body. This is like doing extra work and the stroke becomes inefficient. This may also cause injury. Make sure that the entire body stays connected.

Exercising is no piece of cake. And now that the challenges of a rowing machine have been enlisted, we are sure that you must be thinking that rowing is no fun either. Working out is a tedious task in itself and on top of that all these precautions to focus on may ruin it for you.

Hence such people who are comfortable with the rowing machine and always go for an alternative machine that is easier to use and does not have so many technicalities involved with it. However again those who can survive the storm will also rep the good benefits of hard work and focus.

Final Say

If the rowing machine is not for your type of workout goal then you can easily adapt to an elliptical machine. It may look intimidating but looks can be deceiving. It is an amazing machine to tone the body.

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