Mobile Privacy Data Report of Users Worldwide [Infographic]

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
We all use smart phones and the key concern of almost every Android user is the mobile security. Of course there are multiple apps that claim to offer absolute mobile security but do they actually offer what they preach? Well, you know the answer!

Another addition in the league of mobile privacy apps is LEO Privacy App. Is it same like others or is it any different? Well, read to know!

The ‘Mobile Data Privacy Report’ by LEOMASTER has shown some valuable insights which have been covered in the given infographic. Leo Privacy offers a real time privacy check with a simple click. Anti-theft technology added by LEOMASTER works to lock all the apps and in case of any trespassing, an alarm will blow to warn the user of private data leakage.

Most of us use Wi-Fi today to satiate our internet needs however one needs to be extra cautious when using the public Wi-Fi network. Why? Because all your personal data is at the threat of exposure! Fret not, when you have the LEOMASTER’s Leo Privacy App. The multi-mode compound algorithm of the app will analyze Wi-Fi security and will keep your device protected all the time.

Another usability of the application lies in its App lock. This gets function whenever you share your mobile phone with others. The application has different modes of privacy. Simply put an app cover and the app will let you know about the trespassers.

Safe box is another good feature of the application that hides all your photos, videos, call logs and messages in a personal vault. Your photos and videos are there in your phone but nobody knows about them, since they are hidden. Could it get any better?

What if you could actually know, who tried accessing your private data? Awesome, isn’t it? Yes, so the Break-in alert feature of the app does exactly that. It takes the snapshot selfies of the intruders who try to barge in your private data. The snapshot photos will show in your timeline, enabling you to get back to the snoopers anytime.

Mobile Privacy Data Report of Users Worldwide

LEOMASTER had clarified your doubts further, here is the privacy data report of our user’s across the globe.

Mobile Privacy Data Report of Users Worldwide

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