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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Everybody searching some particular thing online always looks for quality information. Just remember the situation when you have searched for something and search engine has displayed some wired content in the search engine result page. I am sure nobody wants like this.

We are keeping on searching some particular platform which can provide us some kind of genuine links which are targeted to the keywords that we have searched. There are few websites where we can get this like BizSugar but on these sites you can only get those links which bloggers and webmasters have shared and not all. This is the place where Findxa can help you.

Findxa is a unique search engine which provides quality content link based upon real time suggestions. Company claims they provide 100% quality content which seems to be true also. In general, search engines mainly display those websites which have been optimized properly for the search engine but here Findxa provides the links based on the quality of the content. So you will have access to thousands of undiscovered topics as well. Here in the Findxa review guide, i will take you all the insights of Findxa search engine.

Findxa for Web Searchers

As said above, Findxa provides the best real time suggestion for anything that you search. It will display the list of posts from the available contents on the web. Suppose you have searched “Make Money Online”, so it will display the list of genuine post available online based upon the keyword you have entered. Even it will show you the suggestion which is very much similar to Google.

Findxa for Webmasters and Bloggers

Findxa can help webmasters in many ways. I am going to list couple of ways below.

1. Provides Free and Quality Traffic

By submitting your blog/website to Findxa search engine, you can get free and targeted traffic to your website for free. Once you will submit your blog, Findxa search engine will crawl and whenever a visitor will search anything, depending on the relevancy, Findxa will display your blog/website. Also, the traffic coming from Findxa will be 100% targeted traffic.

2. Helps to Create Brand

Whenever you will search anything on Findxa, with the search result it will also display your logo at the bottom of each post. So it helps you to create your brand as well and that to without investing anything.

Webmasters and Bloggers can submit their blog and sites to Findxa search engine.

How Findxa Add Blogs

Let me tell you how Findxa adds blog. I had a talk with their founders’ couple of days ago and found this information. Findxa people add the blogs manually. They have a target to add something around 1 Million blog in the first phase to provide the quality information to the searchers.

Whenever any bloggers submit a blog Findxa executive crawl the blog and if found suitable, they approve it. They also check for the category, bloggers have listed their blog and then only approve it to be displayed in the result page. By this way they maintain the quality of search engines.

Pros and Cons of Findxa

As I mentioned, these people checks each websites manually and then only allow appearing in the search engine result. As per them only 20% websites provides 80% of the quality content. Rest all are just a form of it. Let me show you the pros of Findxa after I used it for a week.

1. Neat and Clean UI: For any search engine, simple UI is the first thing. Findxa has considered this and their UI is quite user friendly. Only necessary content and tabs are on the search page. As Findxa provides real time suggestion so they provide the result in 4 categories mainly All, Latest, Trending and Most Popular.

2. It allows you to follow websites with your interest. Like if you want to follow NBC News for latest news, you can do that.

3. It takes care of your interest. Like I have selected Business, Technology etc. as my interest so it will show me these types of posts.

4. 100% targeted content links in search results.

5. Real time results.

These were the few pros that I found. Let me talk now about the cons of Findxa.

I am using Findxa since a week and found pretty good. The only issue that I found is the loading time. Sometime it takes more than usual to display result. But as the site is in Beta so Findxa people are working on it to correct.

Over to You

In a short span of uses, I found Findxa pretty useful for both searchers and webmasters. They provide quality links and trending items are awesome. I hope this Findxa review will helped you understand this better.

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Are you going to use Findxa? Or do you know any such type of search engine?

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