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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, April 12, 2015
With the increasing demand of technologies and related products there is a great need of service providers who provide high quality solution to the clients and GoLittleEngine is one of the best companies which provides such facilities. So if you are looking for a website or any software which can raise funds for you, GoLittleEngine is for you. This company is unique in its area. When every company is developing a website or software in general, GoLittleEngine has come up with some quality and unique idea which can make your work easy.

About GoLittleEngine

GoLittleEngine is a software solutions company that provides fundraising, education, e-commerce and other software for individuals, organizations or businesses. Its young enthusiastic team works to provide the best CRM. They aim at providing affordable solutions for individuals, organizations or businesses to gather funds or provide their customers with value.

For more information you can check their website – GoLittleEngine


GoLittleEngine can help you in mainly following two means-

1. Setup free websites for their members.
2. Teach and assist their members.

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Fund raising campaigns

Fundraisers are an excellent way to your help schools, churches, organizations or anyone earns extra money. There are varieties of fundraising ideas that can help earn extra money. With the help of GoLittleEngine, any individuals or organizations can create unique ‘White Label Fundraising website’ to raise funds for anything. They call it GoFundraising! GoFundraising allows users to raise funds for anything whether you’re an individual, organization or business. Your fundraising website can either be for donations only or you can offer rewards like a crowd funding website. Their GoFundraising website is suitable for both single fundraising campaigns or for multiple campaigns. They give their users full website customization abilities. Below are the main features that company provides for GoFundraising-

• Unlimited campaigns
• Please options
• Allows anonymous backers
• Custom campaign creator profiles
• Responsive website design
• Unlimited website color options
• Seven preset color pallets
• WordPress widgets plus an additional six fundraising custom widgets
• Embeddable widgets for easy sharing of campaigns
• Full-featured blog, post formats: video, gallery, image, audio, aside, status, chat, link & quote
• Contact page

Setting up a GoCoupon Websites

Apart from assisting in fund raising campaigns they too provide building coupon stores. Today coupon websites are doing so well and people earning more than millions daily from it. The idea is very simple. They collect all the offers of the major online stores and give a link on their websites. That link is affiliate link and whenever anybody purchase through your link you will get commission.

What is GoCoupons?

GoLittleEngine Coupons is here to help you with a mega-savings coupon site whether you’re an individual, organization or business. Their GoCoupons website is perfect for you. It’ll be completely draped in your titles and names and you’ll have full customization. Below are the major features that GoCoupons provides-

• Mega Savings Coupon site
• 100% responsive design, built with a mobile-first approach
• Multiple Color Schemes
• Widget-Enabled Sidebars
• API Extend-ability
• Easy-To-Use Option Pages Themed
• Login & Signup Pages
• Social sharing support, Twitter, Facebook etc.
• Dedicated Blog
• Search Engine Optimized
• Multi-lingual ready


They too provide excellent after sales support. Just drop them a line anytime through their contact page and get assured for the best result.

In the very short span of time GoLittleEngine has grown a lot and you can check their work here.

Over to You

This was all about the Go Little help. I liked their unique idea to create such type of website which can earn you maximum profit. What’s your thought on this? Do let me know those in comments. Also if you know any other such companies please let me know!

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